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>Friday Favorites

November 13, 2009


Here’s what I’m loving today….

  • PERFECT fall weather – not too cold, but still nice and crisp.
  • Friday Playdate and The Working Closet. I’m a big Susan Wagner fan.
  • Starbucks Peppermint Twist latte. Only available when the red cups are.
  • Target. What’s not to love? I just left with shampoo, socks to go with my new clogs, a gift for the toddler party we’re going to Sunday, fun Italian sodas for GNO next week, and plenty of other cleaning products and stuff I probably don’t need, but gosh, I sure had fun!
  • My super-cute BYH mini-dress that (I think) is working great over a long-sleeved T and stovepipe jeans on this nice, crisp day.
  • The word “spaz-wrangle”, oft-used by my awesome bff Dena. As in “let’s do dinner at your house so you don’t have to spaz-wrangle the boys into a restaurant.”
  • Graeme Base. Brillant story-books with incredible illustrations. BRILLant.

And lastly, this photo. It helps me remember that sometimes, they really do like each other.

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