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>Hanging out with Booger Face, Part II

November 15, 2009

>Having spent TWO HOURS trying to get him to nap (!!!!) I finally tried to lay down myself. Not. I hate naps. I love naps. I hate it when you CAN nap and can’t. I hate it when you can’t nap. Isn’t that what Sunday afternoons are for? Napping? Today: nap FAIL.

Oh well. I got up and played scrabble with Scooby. Or rather, Scooby let me win a few points after killing me at Scrabble. The little freako was actually anticipating all my moves and blocking my potential points. I’ve never been much of a gal for strategy – I love games of chance…like Nurtz, or War. No, clearly he takes after his Dad and is going to be a pro at Spades. Who would have thought I’d have to worry about strategy when playing with a 6 year old??

Now it’s late afternoon, I haven’t left the house all day, I look like a nightmare (because I haven’t left the house all day – what was the point? lip gloss for a 2 year old covered in snot just doesn’t seem worth it) and I’m facing the prospect of a rather wasted day.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve spent it for the care and attention of my children.

This is one of those things that you feel fulfilled about many years later…but not at the actual moment. Ten years from now I’m going to pat myself on the back for spending the entire day wiping noses.

Right now, I just want to run away and hit that 30% off sale at Banana Republic.

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