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>Friday Favorites, 2

November 21, 2009


  • FONTS! I love fonts. Fun fonts, cool fonts, flirty, girly fonts. DafontDOTcom is a great place to get funky fonts for free. (fantastic alliteration, huh?) My favorites include fonts like Summertime and anything by Kimberly Geswein, the creator of my blog header font.
  • Cranberry and ice blue. This is a color combination I’d never though of, but now I can’t stop thinking of. I love color combinations that would have horrified my mother – like grey and orange, or teal and brown. Gasp! Combining warm colors with cool! I say, how deliciously shocking and modern. I have this great Kenneth Cole silk shift (thank yooooou Marshalls!!!) in a perfect, slate-y hue…now to find the right plummy topper…maybe this will do, eh? (honey, if you’re reading: hint, hint!)
  • Bath and Bodyworks Eucalyptus Spearmint lotion. Perfumes give me a headache – it’s rare to find one I can tolerate wearing for more than five minutes – so my M.O. has always been to opt for lotions or body washes. Those, however, have the opposite problem of the fragrance wearing off within an hour or so. But this stuff is not so – it goes on smelling FAB-ulous (part of the aromatherapy collection “Stress Relief”) and stays on smelling divine. Even my clothes smell nice at the end of the day – which is good, right?
  • Kirtsy – this really cool web collective that is designed by women and populated by women and full of stuff that women are interested in reading. A great place to find tidbits on fashion, news, family, etc.

(apparently, this post is brought to you by the letter “F”. far out, eh?)

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