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>It’s Stupid Day

November 24, 2009

>Just so ya know, it’s officially Stupid Day today.

I think the amount of information my brain is capable of containing is directly proportional to the amount of sleep I get AND the amount of chaos going on in my life at any given time.

Given that it is a holiday week, I have relatives in town, kids to get to school, homework to complete, class projects to finish, cheese slices to buy*, dinners to plan for, house to clean, laundry to fold, and oh, yes, I have a day job, too…oops, almost forgot that I have one kid who can no longer button his pants or put on his socks, and I missed an entire nights’ sleep just four days ago, all that is to say…my brain is full thank you very much.

We are now experiencing the wonderful phenomenon of random facts and details being spontaneously expunged from my brain, and as such, today is officially Stupid Day.

When I do something stupid, which I guarantee you that I will do, now you know why.

If I forget your name, or freak out because I can’t find my sunglasses and they are really on my head, or when someone walks into the room and comments that we all must have gotten the memo that today is Red Day and I say that I didn’t and then look down and I am indeed wearing red…now you know why.

*Word problem of the day: How many trips to the grocery store does it take to buy one package of pre-sliced cheese for the First Grade Thanksgiving Party? Answer: Three, possibly four.

There’s still time yet.

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