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>What’s Not to Love?

December 18, 2009

>As aforementioned, I am NOT crafty. I have not the patience. I don’t sew, I don’t decoupage, I don’t glue (and, when I do, it’s not good). But there are oh-so-many terribly talented gals who DO!

Ladies, I salute you and your talents!

Let this be my cyber shout-out to craftier and more clever gals than I….

For example: Take note of cutie-patootie to the left.

The economy is tight. Wardrobes are getting stale. How ’bout this quick little fix? Make this darling ruffled T all by your own selfs! It looks so easy I might even attempt it. The Tipsy Gals are a fun and extremely talented bunch…(and seriously, how cute is her HAIR?! it almost makes me want to grow mine out again…)

For my second shout, I give you….

Sweeter Than Cupcakes and a birthday party I would die for (although the original was meant for a very, very lucky, one year old).

See and be amazed.

Really. Just re-reading her posts, I sit with mouth agape. And she has a TODDLER at home!

The photos speak for themselves (she’s a swell shooter, too!)

If only I had the skill, but more importantly, the patience to create such beautiful things (she says wistfully).

My wardrobe would be SO improved (check out some of the darling blouses and bags she’s come up with) However, not having a daughter of my own to play dress up with (SO jealous), my boys would probably not appreciate the piquant little jumpers and dresses her darling daughter sports.

I’m loving this adorable wreath, too.

And last, but far from least, I give you the Queen Bees of all that is cute, crafty, fashionable and fun:

Katy Brockman and her sister Rachel Dranselka, the proprietors of Bless Your Heart Giftique.

I have had the privilege to visit and spent a solid hour just enjoying the array of baubles and gems, furniture, fabulous shoes (everybody that loves Yellow Box say yay… YAY!) and then got lost among the sweet summer tunics and dresses. One-of-a-kind gifts (I happen to know many of the furniture and home décor items are designed and created by the Queen Bees themselves), in the cutest little complex you ever saw called Bracken Village. All the shops are in restored vintage houses – there’s so much too see and enjoy, you might not even get past the front porch…

My daily inspiration perched in my kitchen window was purchased there, and even as I write I’m sporting a cozy asymmetrical cardi from their collection.

It is probably a very good thing that I don’t live within a two-hour drive of this store.

Even the URL is cute:

All that is to say…I heart Bless Your Heart.

The end.

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