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>Pumpkin Bread and Bloody Noses

December 29, 2009

>I stood staring down at the upside-down loaf of piping hot, homemade pumpkin bread splattered across my floor, cradlling my precious, dimpled baby who was dripping blood all over the mess and I thought to myself…how is this supposed to be a vacation?

I have taken this week off as “vacation” since both the school and pre-school are shut down between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Cool! I thought.
Quality time with the kids!
And, time for projects! Housecleaning! Baking! Woo hoo!

Here it is Tuesday and I have accomplished nothing more than making a gigantic mess out of the aforementioned pumpkin bread and piling all of the Christmas decorations into one pine-needle encrusted room.

The kids were so stir crazy after all the rain that I actually locked them in the backyard. Oh, yes I did!

(Oh, please. They were muddy! This was only AFTER they were trooping in and out of the house much to the detriment of my linen-colored carpet*. I opened all the windows and kept a close eye on them. Honest. Except for the part where Scrappy fell and bloodied his nose.)

I haven’t worn makeup in three days, and I MIGHT get a shower when Scrappy goes down for a nap. I did, however, celebrate the fact that it was Tuesday by wearing a different pair of slippers today.

I also found a shred of sense and called in a friend to bring her brood over tomorrow in the hopes that they will all entertain each other and I can talk to a grown-up for an hour.

I can hardly wait!

*Dear Carpet Salesman: CURSE YOU!!!!!

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