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>Real Moms ARE Super Moms

December 31, 2009

>I heart Elastigirl.

We watch a lot of animated flicks around here. I’m well-versed, esp. in those involving super-heroes, vehicles, and war. The princess ones, not so much. But, I do have my own personal faves. My top three would be (in no particular order)

One of my defining metrics is…(yes, I’m admitting this publicly) if it makes me cry. Yes, I’m admitting to the entire universe that I have cried at an animated film. Three of them, in fact. In Cars, it’s that final lap with The King. Time, and time again. In The Robinsons, it’s when Lewis gets his lab, when Goob wins the game… and the soundtrack – oh, the soundtrack – is just amazing. These Small Hours gets me just thinking about it. And the best LOL moment in the film is the T-Rex. By a country mile. Maybe the best LOL mment ever. (I’m all about extremes – have you noticed that?)

And, The Incredibles. Why do I love this fim? Because it’s REAL! Ok, as real as a film about superheroes can be. The marriage is real, her hips are real, the dynamic between husband and wife and father and kids is real. the teenage angst is real, and, the mid-life crisis is real. Brillant scriptwriting. And, it’s just funny. My kids, were I not already referring to them as Scooby and Scrappy, could legitimately go by Dash and Jack Jack. Especially the bursting into flames part. ESPECIALLY that.

What’s not to love about E, I ask you?
Have you seen the short on Disc 2? Jack Jack’s Revenge? ROTFLMBO. Really.

Helen Parr is divine. I love this woman! I wish I WERE this woman. (But, then again, I AM married Mr. Incredible.) She’s the quintessential Super Mom. I love that she has a real shape (and doesn’t look like Barbie), that she stands by her man, and that she used to Be Somebody, but didn’t lose that identity despite the daily mundane.

Monters, Inc. would be a close fourth because Boo, that unintelligble darling, is just so dadgum cute. She sounds precisely like every two year old I’ve ever met, down to the singing on the toilet and the gape-mouthed, seven-mile stare just before bedtime.

Bravo, Pixar. Bravo.
What’s next?
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  1. March 27, 2010 4:58 am

    >The Incredibles and Cars are favorites at our house, too. The first time I saw "Jack Jack Attack" I was nearly falling off the sofa from laughter. Another that makes me cry is Charlotte's Web. I liked all three more than I first thought just because of the great life lessons they incorporate into their plots. They are better than just entertainment.

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