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>Holy High School Flashback, Batman!

January 14, 2010


Junior Prom, whose theme was, very likely “Hold on to the Night.” I think it was the law that year that they all had to be that theme. Or something.

I was standing in line at a store today and Ace of Bace was playing on the intercom. And, all of the sudden I was at Frosh Follies about to dive into the collegiate world.

It just made me smile, because those were some of the FUNNEST days of my life. (In my world, “funnest” and “funner” are words. So there.) It summoned up midnight runs to Malibu Yo, eating entire containers of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting, Thursday night movies, and sneaking into the faculty hot tub (oh, yes I did!)

Then in the car on the way back to work, Richard Marx started whining about holding on to the memories. That pesky mullet just launched me back to Teen Camp and my camp “boyfriend” Darryl. I remember laying in bed PRAYING that song would come on the radio before I went to sleep (it’s not like I could just grab it off of iTunes back then) because it was “our” song. And then it did, and I cried I was so overwhelmed. Yes, pathetic, but something to laugh over now.
Everybody is posting flashback photos on Facebook this week.
Here’s a fun post that also got me on the topic of flashbacks.
Don’t forget, it’s Delurking Day! If you’re reading, leave a comment. We bloggers just like to know you’re out there.
In fact, tell me: what songs launch you back into another decade?
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  1. January 15, 2010 8:16 pm

    >Love the flashback stories and pictures. For my whole family, "Step By Step" by New Kids on the Block takes us back to the summer that I was obsessed with NKOTB and we played that cassette over and over on our road trip to visit my mom's family in Canada. My parents were so patient. 🙂

  2. March 29, 2010 6:11 am

    >I've noticed a lot of Eighties music lately on the radio station my Dentist uses. I was there last week and got to listen to "Take on Me" which was one of the few songs during my high school years I could tolerate and one I remember well, since it was one of the few that I actually saw the music video for. I hated my generation's music and was completely out of step in high school. I was hooked on 60's music in the 80's.As for school itself, I felt like I was doing time until I could go to college and start doing something I wanted to do. I look back and wonder what happened to some of my friends and acquaintances from school, but didn't bother going to my 25 year reunion because I suspected the people I really wanted to see wouldn't be there. Some of my most treasured moments come from the church youth group trips and the weekly hang-out at the Smith's.But the biggest flashbacks for me have been from my kids. They are at the ages that remind me of some of my earliest memories. Through them I see some of myself echoed back to me. I see echoes of my husband, brothers, parents and grandparents as they would have been as kids. I find I am able to understand now, what mystified me then. I find myself able to see past the tantrum or "I hate you!" to the frustrated child's heart. The flashbacks that give me that big picture perspective are the ones that I love most.(As for delurking, I only discovered your blog this weekend after my mom mentioned that she heard you had one. I always thought you were a good story-teller)

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