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>Friday Favorites: Be inspired…

January 16, 2010

>Not crafty, not handy, not patient enough to do much more than paint walls in wild shades like red, or teal (instant gratification, that!).

I love the idea of thrifting, but I know that if I try it (again) I will end up (as I have in the past) with a random hodge-podge of junk in my garage that molders and gathers dust for 3 or 4 years before I have a clean fit and throw it out.

(Like the mail box I was going to repurpose in my garden to keep gloves and garden snips handy. All it needed was a coat of paint and a post. Five years later, it still just needed a coat of paint and a post and it was donated to Green Valley Waste Company.)

However, I could very well be converted. Here are a few sites that have gotten me thinking…maybe, just maybe, I could pull some of this stuff off.

Maybe they will inspire you, too.

Complete Organizing Solutions
Oh, goody goody! What’s not to love about being ORGANIZED!

Our Suburban Cottage
Single, working mom and she’s accomplished all that. I am a lazy, useless SLUG.

Southern Hospitality: Adventures in Decorating, Thrifting, Cooking and Gardening
Check out the post “Top Projects of 2009.” Again, useless slug.

Better After
Showcasing project “before” and “after” shots -it’s always “Better After.” Entertaining and again, inspiring!

The Inspired Room
‘Nuff said.

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