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>Saviors of Sanity: You Do What It Takes

January 19, 2010


My two year old went to preschool today with pink eyeshadow all over his nose.

That round little button was nicely highlighted in IsaDora“Frosty Seashell.” On another occasion, he got a hold of my eyeliner and, watching me, drew all over his face (I guess, to a two year old, that’s what it looks like I’m doing). While he was occupied giving himself a moustache, I was hurriedly slapping on my own war paint, trying to make it out the door on time.

Before having kids, I virtuously swore that Barney would NEVER enter my home. (Note: BEFORE having kids…) My resolve faltered when it turned out that the Big B was the only show Scrappy would sit still and watch. Teletubbies did the same thing for Scooby – equally horrific and annoying but what’s a mom to do?!
Sometimes, especially in the morning when you’re racing to get out the door and into carline, or to the office, or wherever it is you need to be, you do what you have to just to get it done. In order to make dinner, I allow him free-reign of one entire (large) cupboard full of Tupperware. He gleefully pulls it out, piece by piece, and rolls it around the floor (if only he would match up the bottoms with the lids). This creates quite the obstacle course for me (I count that as exercise). When he’s done, I stuff it all back in until the next time (which is the reason I can never find the bottoms for the lids. Or the lids for the bottoms. Or any matching set whatsoever.)

While trying to get some yard clean-up done, I actually let him go to town with bare dirt and the garden hose. Yup, I did. He had his own personal mud-wrestling match right there in our back yard. The photo above is the end result.

Now, it’s “Lee-Ego” (Diego) that holds his attention (thank GOODNESS. The music is SO much better. I swear Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony must be writing for that show.)

My friend Erica on Facebook this week was singing the praises of Dora the Explorah (I’m sorry, I can’t spell it any other way) “I’m so thankful for Dora and the 30 minutes of time I get to actually do something, anything, without the two foot terror trying to climb back where she came from. Gracias, Dora.”

The comments that followed were fascinating and funny…it seems I’m clearly not the only parent employing the adage “desperation breeds imagination.”
What means, ridiculous or otherwise, have you employed to captivate your toddler just so you could get it all done?
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  1. January 19, 2010 7:03 pm

    >I love that you count his obstacle course as excercise! Hey, any way you can get it, I say!

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