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>hospitality revisited

January 22, 2010

>My pictures are dusty, my carpet needs vacumming, I’m fairly certain Sophie has an as-yet-undiscovered hairball somewhere in my dining room (it’s her favorite, uh, depository), the house reeks of the bacon we had for dinner (yes, dinner. don’t judge. it was YUMMY!) and yet, I’ve got five gals coming over in 20 minutes.

and you know what?


There are candles in my fireplace, the lights are low (so you can’t see the dust), and I’ve got something pretty-smelling in the entry way.

I will say, out of respect for my gal pals, I did wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet (I have boys, you know. eww.). That’s pretty much it.

We’re going to hang out in my prettiest room, enjoy the candles, listen to the rain pounding outside, laugh, eat sweets, drink coffee, and generally just enjoy being together and the coziness of girlfriendliness on a dark night.

Totally by accident I disovered this blog…this woman, I think, is my long-lost twin. Only, she articulates all this much better than I do. She calls herself the Reluctant Entertainer: Real Entertaining for Real People.

“Hospitality is not about having the best or newest
or most beautiful,” says Reluctant Entertainer
. “It’s about sharing your heart and home
with others.”

The end.

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  1. January 22, 2010 6:22 pm

    >I'd love to be your twin! Thanks for the link – and it's great to read about someone else who shares the same passion as I do!Have a great weekend!

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