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>Happy Happy and Stickers

February 26, 2010


Our little prize fighter. We’re so proud.

Yesterday morning, Scooby and I were snuggling in my bed having our typical early-morning exisitensial discussion. He then observed: “Mom, good guys go to heaven, right?” I nod. (Mostly all I do during these conversations is nod and slurp my latte. That’s about all I’m capable of at 6am.) He then went on: “But bad guys, they go to Vail.”

At that point the latte almost (but not quite) came out my nose.

These are the moments when I really LOVE this job (being a mom, that is). Not all the time. But there are definitely moments.

Here’s another one. I just wish I had video because words simply cannot do this one justice.

We always eat pizza in front of the TV on Wednesdays. It’s just something we do. So last night, there we all were, and G and I were trying to catch up on the AI episode from Tuesday. The girls were singing. Ashley Rodriguez was belting out “Happy.” Scrappy doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the TV; but all of the sudden he got very serious, very interested and started his own personal little sing-along. Chin up in the air, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, he tried to yodel “happy!” in all the right spots. When the performance was over, he calmly went back to eating his pizza.


I sat there choking into my napkin to keep from breaking his concentration.

On another only-slightly-related note, a blogger I follow, Cass Just Curious, recently declared on Twitter that mommies should get sticker charts, too. I wholeheartedly agree.

For instance:

  • (this was hers) My daughter just rubbed tuna fish all over her hands and then into her hair. STICKER.
  • I just reached into my purse to find a poopy diaper my husband put in there last night. STICKER (this really happened to one of my friends. And yes, they are still married.)
  • I was pulling the kids out of the bathtub when Scrappy leaned over the side and poured a 16 oz cup of water into my slippers. STICKER
  • I survived my kid’s first broken arm. STICKER
  • I was up half the night with one kid and the other one came in at 5;50am to tell me that he couldn’t get the remote control to work. STICKER.
  • My cherubic two-year-old has had a black eye twice in the last six months. STICKER

You get the idea..

So, my friends, what do YOU deserve a sticker for, today?

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  1. February 26, 2010 5:13 pm

    >I am really enjoying the image of Scrappy singing along to American Idol! That's hilarious! After following your blog, I feel more and more like you deserve a parade and I don't even deserve a sticker. All I had to do today was talk myself out of bed and into some more-scrubby-than-usual casual Friday clothes. If I can make it through today with some sort of productivity, I guess that earns a sticker!

  2. February 27, 2010 7:46 pm

    >I had to take middle son, his wife, and baby grandson to airport so they could fly back "home" 1400 miles away. Why can't "home" be where I am? Because my job as mom was to give him wings as well as roots. STICKER!

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