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>How many mommies are there?

March 2, 2010

>I ask my kids this question all the time.

Guys, how many mommies are there?

“One” they answer.

Right. And how many boys are there?

My eldest has taken to wise-cracking “5,000!”

I don’t think he realizes just how right his answer is.

I have so much respect for the single moms who do this every day, in and out, up and down, morning, noon, and night. Much less with more than two kids.

Maybe it’s just my kids that feel like 5,000 kids. Dinner time, when G is working, is me frantically darting from stove, to micro, to table, to sink. No matter how hard I try to get it all done ahead, somebody is unhappy, somebody is missing the right fork, or the red spoon, or didn’t want milk, or simply, as tonight, just happens to hate spaghetti today. “Me want NOGURT MOM-MEE!”

Keeping my voice even, responding to each and every (there must have been 100 or so) “MOM!” demands during the course of the 20 minute meal with sweet tones and quiet words is a Herculean effort (I think one of those 37 American athletes oughtta share. Really. I should get a medal. Or at least a sticker.)

Not to mention, I eat either standing up, one bite between laps, or in 30 seconds if I attempt to sit. Yum.

As it is now 8pm and the hooligans are finally quiet, sweetly sleeping, I am now going to put away the computer, go put my feet up and watch Nathan Fillion be cute and adorable for an hour. And finish eating like a normal person.

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