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>The One That Got Away

March 3, 2010


You ever have Buyer’s Remorse? You know, that thing that happens when you make an impulse-buy and then afterward, you wish you hadn’t?

What then, do you call it, when you find some amazing deal or item, and you DON’T buy it? You ever have that happen?

I was trying to be careful. I didn’t NEED it (but oh, did I want it) and I put it back on the rack like a good girl and walked away. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that, however: there are a couple things I still think of with regret – what was I thinking?

There was a hip-length trench coat at Zara in Las Vegas. We don’t even have a Zara where I live! Amazing store – kind of H&M crossed with Banana Republic. It was early in the year, and the winter stuff was just being put away to be replaced with their spring line. The pants were all white and ivory, and these trenches – in this rosy shade of taupe that is my personal, perfect shade of brown. Belted and oh-so-chic. It was more than I could plunk down haphazardly. That’s a planned purchase. This wasn’t planned, so I walked away. To borrow from Julia Roberts: Big mistake. Big. HUGE. I mean, how much traction would I have gotten out of that baby?! Tons!

Another was a dress by Max Studio – clothes I admire but never buy. They aren’t cheap and frankly, the style is a little edgy for lil’ ole me. I’m more tailored, these are more boho. But it was red, and smocked, with 3/4 gathered sleeves and it was effortless and only $40. I could just picture it with tights and nice, cordovan slouchy boots. But I didn’t have any cordovan slouchy boots, so I passed on the dress. I hate to buy stuff that I can’t immediately wear unless it’s for a special event.

I’m still regretting that little bit of self-control, too.

The last one I still can’t honestly say I SHOULD have bought – it was a pillow, actually, and it wouldn’t have matched a thing in my house. I just LOVED it. LOVED it! Something about the fabric drew me in – I’m not a bird-motif person, but this cobalt peacock on an ivory background (see photo above) with splashes of coral was just the bomb. I never even bought a swatch – but I started a mosiac based on the pattern (using a photo from the catalog. It’s half finished and just celebrated a first birthday. We lovingly call our tail-less little friend “Penny” and someday, I will finish her and the top of my wine-rack will then be: The Bomb.) I’ve even scoured eBay to see if something in that pattery crops up – the best I’ve found was upholstery fabric. Boo.

It’s all just a gamble – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes the other guy is bluffing. If I had all the money in the world to buy whatever I wanted, I think it wouldn’t be nearly half as fun!

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  1. March 3, 2010 7:05 am

    >I know what you mean! I have those moments too – trying to be good, but a year later you're still thinking about it and how much you would have worn it. The problem is when I buy impulse items thinking "I don't want to regret not buying it later." Haha.

  2. March 3, 2010 3:28 pm

    >Been there all the time! You are too funny! And I love your honesty. Lien

  3. April 13, 2010 1:05 am

    >Okay, I obviously have lots of lists of how things in Maine are different than Texas. Wow it's a long list. Yours is really good. Don't forget that when you have apple pie you are supposed to have a slice of sharp cheddar to go with it. My friend Eva tried it an liked it so much she called me "evil" because she would never be able to eat apple pie without it!Get some of the peacock fabric, or a picture, and make colored copies for your collage. It's worth a try.And yes, I really did love your house in Gorham too. It was the perfect New England home complete with the central fireplace where all the ashes fell through to the basement for disposal. The millwork and hardware were all amazing too. But mostly it was a warm and cozy home filled with love.More soon.Love you, Sis,Cheryl

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