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>Friday Favorites

March 5, 2010

>If I were being completely authentic today I would be waxing exloquent about Pepto-Bismol, ginger ale and the BRAT diet. But I’m ready to move on even if my tummy isn’t. Here’s what I wish I were in to today (and hopefully will be soon):

Lush – Fresh, handmade cosmetics – but really, I just love their bath bombs with crazy names like Geo Phyzz and Luverly and Fox in the Flowers. They are fun to shop for and funner to swim with in the tub. And their huge selection of soap – that comes in thick, giant slabs like so many fruity, floral cheeses. So fresh it just melts under water and leaves you (and your shower) smelling deeee-lush.

LOFT – The former spin-off of Ann Taylor has dropped the affiliation (in their name, at least) and completely redesigned their look and their line. Having put my long-standing relationship with AT aside a few years ago (severe lack of customer service drove me away – and the clothes just started getting boring). I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Lastly (dig the “L” pattern, eh?) – today I’m loving that it’s Friday and I’m on the mend, and that my kids are (hopefully) not going to remember all my wonderful personae of the last two days including: Comatose Mommy, Locked-in-the-Bathroom Mommy, Can’t-Sit-Up-And-Hug You Mommy, or Barely-Recovered-and-Still-Grouchy Mommy.
Ready to move on and have a great weekend, despite the rain.
Happy Friday, people!
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  1. March 5, 2010 5:12 pm

    >Love your Friday post! Those soaps are really enticing. I had no idea you were so sick, and I hope you are feeling perfect soon. Poor thing. Get the rest you need and know that you've been missed in Twitter land!

  2. March 6, 2010 4:31 am

    >love Loft. they have good sales and price points, too. didn't realize they dropped the "AT." but then again, haven't been there in a few weeks. friends love Lush. definitely will need to try some.p.s. glad you're still alive.

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