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>A day in the life…

March 14, 2010

>of a boymom. or just any mom, really.

Packed up the family this afternon, headed off to our FAVorite Saturday excursion: Costco (not). Parked in the south 40. Unpacked the fam. Then G turns to me and asks: did you bring a wallet?
No. I brought the diaper bag. That’s my job. I bring the diaper bag and the snacks and the sippy cups and the jackets. YOU are supposed to bring the wallet.

Packed up the fam, headed home. At least we both laughed about it instead of yelling. That was good.

Boys are now playing outside. Every 30 seconds we hear:

“MOM! He’s ……(fill in the blank – trying to bite me, hitting me, chasing me with a stick…whatever)”

Then, I heard some wood banging around and went out of find Scooby with a 12′ length of lumber waving around in the air right over Scrappy’s head. When I shrieked in horror, he kept insisting…”but I wasn’t going to hit him with it!”

No, you were just going to drop it on his head, that’s all.

I think one black eye per month is sufficient, don’t you?

Scoob is now flying off to Dagobah, on top of his upside-down wagon, using the handle as a throttle.

Happy Saturday!

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