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>Thursday Hodge Podge

March 25, 2010


Honest-to-goodness quote from my six-year-old, LEGO-loving, cartoon-watching, Star Wars-obsessing boy:

“Can’t I just stay up for 10 minutes and watch more NOVA?”

What parent in their right mind, I ask you, would refuse a child NOVA?!

(What red-blooded first grader ever asks?)

Still baffled but happily complied. It was on the Sphinx. On his way to bed he began prattling about how his nose fell off…

I’m taking a couple of vacation days this week. This morning I ushered a group of 4 six-year-olds through the inner sanctum of Chevy’s with a dozen other parents and 16 other kids. We got to see the kitchen, the walk-in fridge, practice carrying trays of drinks and count tables. But, I think their favorite part was the all-you-can-eat make-your-own bean and cheese burritos. (Note to self: great mid-week dinner idea.)
Lastly, I initially joined the Gratitude Challenge because of my college bud Kim. I want to share with you the post she wrote this week. If you need the backstory, take some time and read her blog. She’s a rock star. A warrior. I’m going to start calling her She-Ra. Oh, and she’s a boymom, too. Check it out: Gratitude 365

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  1. March 25, 2010 5:39 am

    >Thanks for the love! All moms of boys should be called She-Ra.

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