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>What’s Not to Love? Time-Saving

March 30, 2010


My friend Bethany sent me this series of articles from Real Simple – fun stuff, like readers admitting to all the lame antics they’ve tried to get out of the door on time (like painting only the toenails that show – done that) to 14 Shortcuts to Everyday Tasks (although I really don’t consider learning a second language to be an everyday task). I especially like their suggestion of designating a portion of the kitchen counter to “in-use” cups – thereby cutting down on the Unidentified Cup Clutter left around the house. If it’s not left in Cup Central, it goes in the dishwasher. There’s also a segment on quick recipes and repurposing old things. Fun stuff!

Along the same lines, what I want to know is, what are your Saviors of Sanity? What have you permitted, just to get out the door on time, how do you get dinner finished, or, find the time to finish up that email? I admitted in this post to allowing my two year old free reign with my eyeshadow, and mud pies before dinner.

What about you?

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  1. March 30, 2010 4:07 pm

    >Ooh, I got a shout out! I'm embarrassed though that my latest blog post was over a year ago. I absolutely love Real Simple and thought of you when I was reading all the stuff from moms about time saving. My favorite was to throw a blanket over all three kids and run out to the car to save time of putting coats and hats on everyone. For me, my time saving stuff usually has to do with dinner – I spend an hour in traffic and by the time I get home I'm tired and hungry and don't have time or patience to cook, so I just pick up a burrito or sandwich or something on the way home. It's my goal to cook more at home on weeknights!

  2. March 30, 2010 4:35 pm

    >I give myself a break when it comes to cooking dinner. When we were first married I got it in my head that if I didn't have a meal that was Rachel-or-Giata-worthy on the table when the Hubbs came home I was failing as a wife. Yes, everything was homemade, but that got tiring, frustrating and expensive pretty quickly. So now my approach is more Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee than anything, especially with Italian. If I'm making simple pasta, I'll make the sauce from scratch. If I'm making meatballs from scratch, I'll go with a good jarred sauce. Easy peasy! I still do a full out meal a few times a month, but then it a treat rather than a duty. Hubby gets a well rested wife (most of the time) and I don’t feel like a self-imposed slave to the kitchen.Oh, and I often do the shopping without trying things on thing. I know what looks good on my figure and how to gauge size, so for anything except bras or jeans I’m pretty good to go. This isn’t really to save time though. It’s because I hate to shop. *gasp!*

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