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April 2, 2010


My new Some Kinda Gorgeous foundation by Benefit. I love it. It looks like it would be too dark for my skin, but it goes on invisible and stays put. A good thing.

Who wants to drink a heavy, chunky red wine in warm weather*? I love the trend to dry roses that is so popular right now. Brutacao is the only wine club we’ve ever participated in, and after two years, the twice annual shipments work out just fine for our needs and our budget.

*Rant: Warm weather being what I hope we have soon around here, as opposed to the 45 degree freeze we’re currently sustaining. Over Easter. End rant.
I’m going to need to refresh my supply of these because I have this thing about not getting my hands dirty. (Surprise) I always buy the multi-packs because I am of the habit of leaving them all over the yard. Kinda like the way I keep track of sunglasses.

I can’t stop thinking about begonias. I’ve never planted them before, being that they are annuals, but I’m coveting that dark red foliage. I’m imagining a big huge bowl of red ones on my patio table this summer.

Happy Friday!

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