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>Worth Repeating: The Sacred Echo

April 8, 2010


Waiting always leads to the same place: In-between. Sometimes I think the place of In-between is one of the most gnarly, dark places in life because you aren’t full here and your aren’t fully there. Emotions, hopes and dreams are always strewn across a seemingly endless list of possibilities and potentials. When you’re In-between, the next jetty of hope could be moments away. Or not. Emotions run forward, and fears hold back. Seams of uncertainty can burst at any given second. If you stay in the undercurrent very long, sometimes you feel like you’re losing yourself.

…we were caught in the riptide of In-between – waiting for what’s next but not knowing when and if it will come…

…That’s the wrestling match I have with my soul every day – to be fully present, vested in the here and now, no matter what may come. Some days I fare better than others…

Why so much waiting?
I do not know, but I do know that…He invites us to place the weight of the wait on Him. He does not want us to wait alone, but rather to wait on Him alone. God invites the restless soul, like my own, to find respite in Him. Not only does He listen to our heart’s cries as we wait, but he blesses us, strengthens us, and renews us in the process.”

The Sacred Echo
by Margaret Feinberg

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