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April 22, 2010

>So, it’s Thursday and I don’t have anything terribly exciting to say or show. I’m always tired on Thursdays. Wednesday practically kills me dead, and I don’t start to recover until Thursday night. It’s a throwback to my college days when the weekend really started on Thursday night with movies in Elkins at 9 o’clock. Even now, I feel myself perking up about 6pm on Thursday.

But it’s not 6pm on Thursday right now, it’s 9pm on Wednesday and I am pooped.

I have a ginormous post that I am working on called “Keeping Up Appearances.” Sort of self-revealing/family history with lots of great vintage photos. It’s long, and it’s too big to post all in the same day, but I won’t know where to break it until I actually finish the thing. So that’s coming – probably I’ll start posting it this weekend.

I’m already working on upcoming “Home Is…” posts for Sandy over at Reluctant Entertainer. I hope you enjoyed the one I posted with her early this morning about my sexy apron-wearing huz. I’ll try to get a picture of him actually in an apron this weekend. We’ll be home, so he’ll likely be cooking at some point. No open houses this weekend – whooppee!

I’ve got posts on family heirlooms in the works, on Memorial Day memories, and one that is still swirling in me wee noggin’ about Mom and Mother’s Day. That’s going to take a lot of emotional energy to put out there, but I’m looking forward to it (in a masochistic kind of way. Writing about her is so beautifully painful.)

I also feel like I ought to go ahead and put together an “About Me” page since I’ve had so many lovely new visitors. You all might just want to know who this crazy lady is.

All that being said…today I got nothin‘.

Wait, no, I have this. I can tell you a funny boy story.

My boys attend a private school of about 250 kids. Every day, students and parents gather in the courtyard for the Pledge of Allegiance, Happy Birthdays, and a prayer.

This morning, Scooby was asked to lead the prayer. He does love to stand behind that mic…

Anyway, he led a great, well-articulated little prayer, but wrapped it up with the following bomb:

“And please don’t let any of the animals get diphtheria.”

Now all the parents are asking who has diphtheria, and the principal just shook his head and said that he’s heard a lot of stuff in his career but he’s never before had a kid pray about diphtheria.

That’s my boy.

Happy Thursday! Thanks for stopping by.

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