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>Worth Repeating: The Help

May 27, 2010


A friend gave me this book. “You’ll read it fast,” she said. She was right. Riveting, moving, powerful and beautifully written, set in 1960’s Jackson, Mississippi.

And it’s Kathryn Stockett’s first novel.

I put down the bucket a Sunshine cleaner them ladies is always smiling about on the tee-vee. I got to set down. Mae Mobley come up holding huer tummy, say, “Make it not hurt.”

She lay her face on my leg. I smooth her hair down over and over till she practically purring, feeling the love in my hand. And I think about all my friends, what they done for me. What they do ever day for the white women they waiting on. The pain in Minny’s voice. Treelore dead in the ground. I look down at Baby Girl, who I know, deep down, I can’t keep from turning out like her mama. And all of it together roll on top a me. I close my eyes and say the Lord’s prayer to myself. But it don’t make me feel any better.

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