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>Chores Shmores

May 29, 2010

>Do your kids do chores? Did you?

My parents never called them chores, but I did them. Helping tasks around the house – I had to sweep the kitchen floor, for one thing. We raked leaves, my brother and I, and bagged them in the fall. I remember as a young child that if I did any task inefficiently, my Dad would come along and “show” me how to do it better. If I was very quiet and still, he’d have so much fun “showing” me that he’d end up doing at least half of it before he realized he should be making me do it.

I need to start making Scrappy help out. Scoob has been carrying his own dishes to the sink, helps set the table, puts away his laundry (sometimes), empties all the smaller trashcans in the house and cleans out the side pockets in the car doors. It’s a huge help to me, and he, surprisingly, feels good about doing it. He also feels good about the $.50 a week he earns by helping.

Here are a couple of great insights on getting your kids to help:

Dish Duty 101: Clean the Counters by Sandy Coughlin

Little Helpers Make Successful Adults

What do your kids d to help out around the house? When did you start? Did you pay them for their help?

Also – the same Sandy Coughlin mentioned above invited me to guest post on her blog this week! If you haven’t already, stop by and take a look: Concept of Giving: Yourself, Your Time!

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  1. May 29, 2010 12:47 pm

    >My monkeys help out some but not nearly as much as I did growing up. They un-load the dishwasher, but their dirty dishes up, sort-of clean their room & bathroom. We need to work on that 🙂 I am working on a chore chart because half of the problem is that I forget to ask for help. Habits are hard to break 🙂

  2. May 31, 2010 5:39 pm

    >I'll chime in on the "when did I start" front, being childless myself. I think mom had us helping out – definately in the picking up toys category – pretty much as soon as I could walk. Around the time I learned to write (and thus had better hand-eye coordination) I got to do things with my mom – cooking alongside her, cleaning up messes if I made them, drying dishes while she washed, that sort of thing. From there it was just sort of a natural progression: my sisters and I never had chores, we just knew that when we were asked we were expected to help. When we moved into our teens we did start having dishes night, laundry, etc. We were never paid, I'm sure if we were at some point I would have figured out that all I had to do was give up my promised dollar and I wouldn't have to pick the dreaded weeds! We always were given money when we needed it, and understood that doing housework was part of our responsability to the family. Mom never got paid, and we didn't either.

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