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>Globally Unpositionable

June 4, 2010

>Here’s a little anecdote from one of my adventures last summer…in honor of the official beginning of summer (as in, my kids are no longer in school and it has suddenly become quite hot!)


“I am not a brave person.”

This was the line that kept running through my head a few nights ago, as I drove through utter blackness, pulling over periodically to read the page-long sheet of directions I was given to guide me and my two-year-old to our overnight accomodations. (or, at the very least, a meeting place from whence my SIL would guide me to our overnight accomodations.)

I like to know where I’m going, in the first place. GPS is usually helpful in this arena. But statements kept popping up on my Garmin screen, like:

“Please find the highlighted route and your guidance will begin.”

Please FIND the highlighted route?
You want ME to find it?!

That’s YOUR job!

You mean, the SATELLITE doesn’t even know where I am?


Yes, globally unpositionable, in the dark, all alone, responsible for not only my well-being but that of the tired and cranky little person in the backseat, who was blissfully unaware of how scared I was of being lost.

Blindly assuming that at some point, we,
but more importantly, he,
would soon be tucked into bed.
Knowing with unwaivering certainty
that footie pajamas, a sippy cup, “bitzie” and Sharkie would also be joining him there.

Upon arriving at the agreed-upon meeting place – a charming little park in the teensy-weensy town of Santa Margarita (I know the precise size of the town – it is not tiny, nor is it teeny, it is teensy-weensy because I drove the length and breadth of it, twice, trying to find said park). At one point, I attempted to follow a van full of drunk teenagers (by accident – I thought it was Trish), and by them was alerted to the fact that said park was rapidly filling with more drunk teenagers and I was at the site of a very-soon-to-be raging rave.

After meandering through total, utter darkness behind the tailights of my SIL, safety emerged from the gloom in the form of a capacious 5th wheel, lit up like a Christmas tree, the A/C running (did I mention that Santa Margarita is very, very hot?) and hugs from my family who awaited us.

We achieved our goal,
we didn’t get (very) lost,
we didn’t give in to (total) panic, and,
we didn’t get kidnapped by drunk teenagers.

Later that night, a full moon rose and shone so brightly outside that the darkness was pushed away and the hills and trees lit up as midday.

I know this because Scrappy and I were awake, trying to get warm.

Santa Margarita, while quite hot in the daytime, is a bit chilly at 3am.

We cuddled in a nice rocking chair in the darkness.
He had me (and Sharkie).
I had Him.
We were globally unpositionable
but safe
in the deep, dark night
and maybe,
just a bit more brave
than we originally thought.

This summer has been just full of those moments where I find out what I’m truly capable of.

Here’s to another summer of new adventures! What are your plans this summer? Anything new you plan to try?

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