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>Behind the Music or The Soundtrack of My Life

July 1, 2010

>I’m not one of those people who is REALLY in to music.

I don’t buy music very often. I don’t keep up with all the latest and greatest releases. If it weren’t for American Idol I wouldn’t even know who Katy Perry is. Or Lady Gaga. (Although I think that would probably have been ok.) Or Daughtry.

I’m happy just listening to the radio, even though I have no idea who’s singing. But for my kids – that’s boring. For years we stocked our disc changer and Scooby got to where he could name his favorite tunes by number alone.

Disc 2 Number 4, Mom! he’d shout from the backseat, or, Disc 4 Number 7! No, Number 9!

It was mind-boggling. He was right every time.

And then the disc cartridge jammed and we’ve been without our tunes for half a year. It took them months just to realize I could no longer “fast forward” or “rewind” a song on the radio.

Or that we no longer could pull up “Never Let Go” or “Mama Mia” on demand.

I own an iPod but now that I no longer have a commute, I rarely use it. Gabe suggested, one day when I was complaining about the jammed CD changer, that we ought to buy an adapter for the cassette player in the truck.


Finally got around to it last week.

Then got down to the business of cleaning up my iTunes account which was in mad disarray since I no longer have the computer I originally started with.

Four or five hours and one “Kids Mix” playlist later, we’re back in business.

I’m also rediscovering music that I had converted to mp3 ages ago and then promptly forgot about. Music I bought in college. Music that brings me back to certain people, certain places, certain times.

The soundtrack of my years at Pepperdine. The soundtrack of parenthood. Of falling in love.

Boston reminds me of Cari. She was always resentful that on Third Stage both her sisters got a tune, but not she.

ABBA takes me back to London, dancing in the underground Belushis and drinking snakebites.

Saturday Night Fever takes me back to some madcap adventures at Club 70’s in LA. And learning to play pool in Dorm 11.

Jason used to blast Enya out his window early in the morning. I’d make a pot of coffee in my room and open the windows. It was perfect for a foggy coastal morning.

So many others. I’m having my own personal walk down memory lane this week. I’ll be posting a few of my favorite memories in the next weekRandom songs, rarely hits, but meaningful to me in one way or another.

What’s your soundtrack?
What are the songs that take you place to a particular moment in time?

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  1. July 1, 2010 5:48 pm

    >I don't listen to them much anymore, but Caedmon's Call always takes me back to Pepperdine. Recently all my roommates and I were together and a Caedmon's Call song came on and we sighed happily and started reminiscing about the outdoor concert in Alumni Park, sitting on blankets sprawled across the grass with all our best friends. That music always sparks great memories!

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