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>The Soundtrack of My Life – Day Two

July 2, 2010

>I’m a boymom. We watch a lot of animated movies around here. There are a few films that, at the end, I find myself in tears.

Bolt is one of them.

Wooo wooo….here I come! Wooooo wooo….back to you!

This song makes me want to go hug my kids. Squeeze ’em tight. And maybe, never let go.

Jenny Lewis, Barking at the Moon

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  1. July 2, 2010 4:43 pm

    >I took Spencer M. to see that movie when it was in theaters. The rolling credits found one mystefied kid watching Miss Christy as she tried to keep from bawling her eyes out. Sweet kids that he is, he tried to comfort me! "It's ok, Miss Christy! It's a HAPPY movie!" Tears of happiness are lost on seven-year-olds, I guess.Last month I watched the movie with the Hubbs for the first time. He's a bigger softie than me, so you can guess what happened…

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