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The "I’m-Not-Waiting-Anymore-List" Revisited

July 31, 2010

Susan Wagner wrote a great post this week about one of the items on her life list – running a 5k.

It reminded me that I have a list list, of sorts, too. It’s my “I’m-Not-Waiting-Anymore-List,” and frankly, I haven’t even peeped at in in MONTHS.

It started with this post: What’re We Waiting For?

So here I am, months later, looking at all of my lofty aspirations.

Some of them are about to happen.

Get a professional family portrait taken.

Some of them never will.

Run a 5k.
Run a 10k.
Run. Period.

Some, I completely forgot about.

Use my china at least once a month.
Light candles. Often.

Some of them I dream about all the time.

Finish the backyard remodel.
Create a backyard you want to take pictures of.

Some of them are missing, and will be rectified.

Write something EVERY DAY.
Pray instead of worry.
Have a picnice on the living room floor instead of dinner at the table.

Some of them seem impossible, foolish, unworthy, unrealistic or just plain silly.

But they are my silliness, and I’m keeping it that way. My son informed me today that he planned to be a “swim racer” as well as a gymnast. Add these to his previously stated lofty aspiration of building sky-scrapers in North Dakota.

Dare to dream, Scooby.

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  1. July 31, 2010 5:58 pm

    >That's actually a really good idea! I probably should make a list now that Sam is here and things are settling down. Such a list would have been very depressing when I was pregnant. 🙂

  2. August 1, 2010 2:56 pm

    >What a wonderful post … and list. I remember a card my sister got for me years and years ago, whenever I was first endeavoring to make money from photography work. It said, "Every dream has to start somewhere," and had a picture of a little boy putting pennies in a piggy bank. So true. What you dream can become reality… you just have to start. I have no doubt you will.

  3. August 1, 2010 4:53 pm

    >I think this is fabulous because recognizing and realizing, making lists are the only way things can get accomplished in this crazy madness we call Mommyhood! I am a perpetual list maker, which is great. The biggest problem being that I usually forgot to put "ME" on the list. I think I should make a list just about me. In fact, I am. Thanks for the inspiration. These last three are my favorite because I actually do do theseWrite something EVERY DAY.Pray instead of worry.Have a picnic on the living room floor instead of dinner at the table. I still worry but it sure helps having someone to hand your worries off to besides just the husband:)The running one, well, I have said it before and I will say it again… Running is a no no for me (too much forced running as a child by a Father who was an avid runner:) I used to think nothing could ever get me to run…not even threat of death. I was surprised when my 2 year old bolted for the street…I ran and if they are ever in harms way , you better believe I'll be running. But that's the only way:)LOL I'm certain I'll never love to run. If you go girl!Happy Mothering!Debi

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