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Comfort Food: South African Vetkoek

August 26, 2010


Some things are just better when shared.

We had the pleasure of sharing a meal with good friends last night. One of our favorites, they served a common Afrikaans dish, vetkoek (pronounced fet-cook) literally meaning “fat cake” (unfortunately).


Similar to a doughnut without a hole, the dough is rolled into a ball then deep fried. Calories and effort taken into consideration, we only get to share this treat with them once a year, but it’s something we all look forward to.


We start out with the fried dough on a platter, each stuffing our own with a savory mince filling of curried beef, onions and spices. It’s kind of like a really awesome hamburger made with a doughnut bun.

And we eat and eat and eat until we’re about to pop.

And then they pull out the honey and we eat some more for dessert.

It was marvelous. And all the better because we shared it with friends.


Here’s a few recipes if you’d like to try this yourself!

Vetkoek With Meat Filling

The Best Vetkoek Recipe Ever

How To Make South African Vetkoek

Just be sure you only make it with friends!





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  1. August 27, 2010 1:23 pm

    >Sounds amazing, even better when you share a meal with friends!

  2. August 27, 2010 2:26 pm

    >Oh my word!! Those look and sound amazing! But the best part is hearing about how this is a tradition between friends that you all look forward too and cherish 🙂

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