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>Gratitude Monday: I Survived

September 13, 2010

>It was the Perfect Storm of weekend activities. Everything converging into 48 hours – my mothers group kick- off, Fall ball kick-off, a girl’s night out, two birthday parties, and a baby shower. On top of our regularly scheduled programming like, you know, church and Bible class, laundry, and catching up on a bit of housecleaning and yardwork.

By the last event today I was utterly depleted and incapable of speech. I huddled dumbly in the kitchen washing dishes – I couldn’t even think of the niceties normally exchanged at such an event. Totally tapped.

But we lived, and we learned.

Scooby learned that he has quite an affinity for baseball, loving every seconed of his t-ball clinic.

I learned that sometimes you can’t reschedule or back out, you just have to hold on and go for it.

We all learned that the first weekend after Labor Day is probably going to be a doozy from here on out.

Here’s to the next phase in our crazy, busy lives.

Cheers, friends. I’m off to bed.

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  1. September 13, 2010 3:37 pm

    >Mark it on your calendar for next year: Weekend after Labor Day = TREAD LIGHTLY!

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