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>Gratitude Monday

November 29, 2010

Stuffing, but not the kind that goes IN the bird. The kind that is baked in a casserole with lots and lots of butter. My favorite: sausage and apple.

A perfectly-done turkey, thanks to sweet Gabe and his new remote-control-thermometer -gadget-thingy. Brined, smoked and perfectly delicious. Dry? I think NOT.

Homemade caramel.

Lazy holidays spent in pajamas, cider, and every one of my 14 boxes of Christmas decorations. As discussed previously, it’s just Joy in a Box.

Train rides to downtown and Christmas in the Park.

Mudge – our House Elf. He shows up the morning after Thanksgiving, to spy on us daily and report back to the North Pole nightly. I think it was only because of him that a tantrum stopped mid-scream and a tearful and apologetic miscreant whispered, “Sorry I screamed at you, Mama.” while peeking over his shoulder to see if said Elf was watching.

You better watch out, little man. He knows.

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  1. November 29, 2010 4:04 pm

    >Ha! Madge has helped me out on more than one baby-sitting occasion! Glad to know he's back and in full report mode.

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