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>Gratitude Monday

December 20, 2010

>Can one post really contain it all?

No one got sick. All four performances were splendid. The breakfast and the shower went off without (much of) a hitch (except the poor mom we were showering got the flu the night before. But we Skype’d her and she got to be there anyway!)

My pumpkin gingerbread was pretty AND it tasted pretty good, hurrah!

For my husband who was by my side cracking all 40 eggs and grating pounds of cheese.

For the youngest star of the show, who thought on his feet (and only panicked a little) when she missed his cue, and pulled off a great performance as the North Star.

For the rain, because it’s needed, and for the snow, which we’ll be enjoying next month.

For Scrappy asleep with the lamp on, red-snowman-pajamaed bum-in-the-air and green plaid socks, and the buzz-saw of snores that issued from the other end.

For the myriad of friends we are so blessed with.

For the recognition of my peers – stay tuned, as I’ve been invited to feature my favorite Red Writing Hood post on The Red Dress Blog, a snazzy, smart group of women-writers whom I am honored to know.

For family. For my big brother, who arrived yesterday, and his dear wife whom I love, and dumb jokes and inside jokes and cousins who keep each other busy.

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  1. December 20, 2010 7:19 pm

    >Tasted PRETTY good?!? Yeah, that's why I ate a ginormous slice. Because it tasted PRETTY good.

  2. December 21, 2010 2:14 am

    >It was a FANTASTIC play, FANTASTIC shower and FANTASTIC yummy food… receipes please please please!

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