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>Food: Remembering Mom

January 11, 2011


I pulled out Mom’s recipe box recently. I realized that I hadn’t been in there in possibly decades. It’s been tucked inside my china cabinet for years, filled with recipes calling for funny, out-moded ingredients like pimiento and bouillon cubes. In one, she specified that the canned tomatoes be chopped – for of course, they didn’t come that way back then. Another calls for “dairy” sour cream (what other kind is there??)

Many of the recipes are splattered from use, criss-crossed with her beautiful handwriting. Just handling the cards makes me feel less like she is really gone.

Some recipes I remember, others I don’t. I find it fascinating how many recipes are of a latin flair, when for so many years, we lived in the Blue Ridge mountains. A place where tortillas only came in a can and salsa came in one style and one style only – bland!

I imagine that, in those New York winters and the Virginia ice storms, it made her feel closer to her Southern California roots.

This is one she made for company dinners. I’m pretty sure at the time it was nouveau and edgy and sophisticated. She was the consummate hostess – and she loved to throw a party.

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