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>Life List – 2011 Version

January 21, 2011

I was astonished to find that I’ve actually DONE a few things on this list in the past year – we shot the family portrait (and survived). We finished the backyard (and it’s gorgeous). We even have baseboards!

A new year is always a great opportunity to see what you’re waiting for, and frankly, whether it’s worth it. I’ve crossed a few things off the list that just aren’t as important to me any more. One year later and I know it’s not a novel I wish to write, but a book. Non-fiction – that’s me.

I no longer aspire to run a 10k – the hip has taken care of that. Owning a boutique has lost it’s lure. I really just want to write, and be read, and tuck a happy childhood into their pockets as they head towards the rest of their lives. It’s as simple as that.

What a year tells me is that – the list makes a difference. Writing down the goals, seeing them in black and white, makes a difference. What’s your list?

Complete a non-fiction book.
Publish. Something. Anything.
Get Gabe to Europe.
Be a redhead.
Cross the Panama Canal.
Own a convertible (again)
Paris in the Spring.
Ogle glaciers in Alaska (twice!)
Get a professional family portrait taken.
Learn to ballroom dance.
Finish a craft project. Just one. Any one.
Finish the backyard remodel.
Have baseboards.

Take the boys to Hawaii
Use my china at least once a month.
Light candles. Often.
Ride (horseback) in Hyde Park.
Paint something worth hanging on a wall.
Finish Penny before the cows come home.
Always make piecrust from scratch.
Create a backyard you want to take pictures of.
Remodel the kitchen into something open and gorgeous.
Enlarge the master bedroom into something open and gorgeous.
Kiss the Blarney Stone (it didn’t help.)
Wear more dresses like Dianne.
Search for seashells in the Bahamas.
Ski Breckenridge (again, with Gabe).
Make weekend family hikes a tradition.
Learn to use Twitter.
Blog daily.

Teach the boys to ski.
Visit the Musee D’Orsay
Lounge on a beach in Provence.
Drink chianti in a sidewalk cafe in Italy.
Sip a vouvray on a balcony overlooking le vallee de la Loire.
Stand in the shadow of the Parthenon.
Memorize more scripture.
Worry less.
Laugh so hard my stomach hurts. More often.
Wake up to the sound of waves crashing under my window.
Take Scoob to Africa when he turns 12 and show him just how priveleged he really is.
Do the same for Scrappy.
Read the Bible, daily.
Read the whole thing in one year.
Bake cakes the old-fashioned way (from scratch!). Often.
Learn to use WordPress.
Become reknowned for my (insert name of one or two homemade somethingorothers)
Play with the boys. Often. Just play.
Turn off the TV and MAKE them go outside.

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