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Gratitude Monday: Roll Over, I’m Crowded

February 14, 2011

There were thirty in the bed
and the little one said
Roll over, I’m crowded!
So they all rolled over
And one fell out
Twenty-nine in the bed
and the little one said…

Roll over, I’m Crowded!

We spent Friday afternoon in Santa Cruz – what a gift! It was warmer over the hill, the sky was clear and perfect. We walked along the wharf, spending several minutes admiring the happy chaos of sealions on the lower levels of the pier.

Lots of barking and caterwauling. One would roll over on another, and they would squirm and twist until they found their comfy spot again. There was always one annoying wannabe who made the most noise. The others would lift their heads from time to time to shush him before going back to sleep.

This sweet pup was happily snoozing “nez a nez” with his mama in the late afternoon sun. At one point he ended up on the bottom of the pile, but mama howled and barked until the others wiggled out of the way.

There’s something about the sea that restores. You breathe deeper, walk slower, stand taller in the ocean air.

I’m grateful for that Friday afternoon on the coast.

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