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>Lying by Omission

February 21, 2011

>Parenting books are quite helpful to the first-time parent. What to expect and when. Advice for identifying your child’s temperament, soothing techniques, even dealing with over-helpful grandparents.

I think I went into this parenting thing pretty well informed.

I knew that, with children, I would be giving up a lot of rights and luxuries.



Free time.

I knew that being a parent would involve self-sacrifice. Of putting my needs below that of another. Always.

I think I even guessed that a hot meal would no longer be a given.

Dinners, so often (even now) involve Mommy Jackrabbit, hopping up and down fetching milk and napkins and an extra fork. And oh by the way, I wanted ketchup with that.

But like I said – I think I expected that. Goodness knows, I saw it in my own house growing up.

I expected a lot of things.

What I did not gamble on was that I would never again,

ever, ever, ever

have the dignity – nay, the luxury

of going to the bathroom alone.

Something to add to the parenting books? I think, yes. What to Expect When You’re Expecting? Definitely.

You will never know the comfort of privacy ever again.

You will try, oh yes, you will try. You will bribe them with cartoons and snacks and make a run for the back of the house.

But they will find you. They ALWAYS find you.

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