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>Friday Favorites: Cake. On a Stick.

March 4, 2011

Have you ever had a cupcake or other confection (wedding cake!) that was beautiful and exquisitely decorated on the outside, but bland and tasteless on the inside?

To be honest, I was skeptical at first. So many confections are super cute, but quite frankly, they aren’t worth the calories and utterly lacking in flavor. When my coworker brought her Valentine’s bouquet in to share, I assumed these would fall into that category. Cute, but tasteless.

I was SO wrong! So very, very wrong! I’m not a big fan of frosting – I don’t really like cupcakes all that much (I can hear the collective gasp from Trish, Deed and Sun already). These little sweet treats by Creative Cake Bites are right up my alley – truly the yummiest little bon-bons I have ever tasted. AND, they are just so dadgum CUTE! Check out just a few of their options:

Cake bites, cake pops, cupcakes – just looking at the photos on the website makes me want to throw a shower or a party. A perfect favor! The perfect party dessert! Cake bite weddings! Birthdays! And, so reasonably priced at $20 per dozen (additional colors, $2 extra).

The flavors read like a Who’s Who in Dessert Heaven – with options like Double chocolate (rich chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting coated in milk chocolate and topped with chocolate drizzles) or their top seller, Red Velvet (Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting coated in white chocolate). Uh-huh. That’s what I am talking about. Gone Bananas (cake made with real bananas mixed with vanilla buttercream and coated in milk chocolate and topped with a banana chip and chocolate drizzles).

Creative Cake Bites also features seasonal flavors – this month I’m dying to try Italian Cream Cake (coconut pecan cake with cream cheese frosting, coated in white chocolate and topped with a pecan) and Mocha (rich espresso chocolate cake with coffee buttercream, dipped in milk chocolate coating and topped with a dark chocolate espresso bean).

Yummy cake!
On a stick!
Dipped in chocolate?
What’s not to love???

Creative Cake Bites

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