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>Gratitude Monday: The Gummy Bear Awards

March 13, 2011

>I recounted the same story I shared with you on Friday to my mother’s group this weekend. There were a lot of heads nodding, and, I’m pretty sure one mom was about to burst into tears.

I don’t know why we feel alone. We just do.

But the truth is, we have a lot to acknowledge in ourselves, a lot to be proud of.

I would really liked to hear of YOUR triumphs – what did you survive this week? What did you do right?

Confession: I am a rather volatile person. I FEEL deeply. I’m very happy, or very sad. I’m rarely just there.

I get angry fast.

This is not a good trait for a parent.

So I’m giving myself a gummy bear for NOT yelling when I could have, for NOT losing my cool when I normally would. There are about fifty times a day when they aggravate me so badly I’m ready to pull out my hair – but I’m working really REEEEally hard to not let it get to me. I walk away. I put myself in time-out.

I pray. I ask for help.

I don’t want them to remember a mom who yelled a lot. Nor do I want them to tune me out when I yell – cuz she does that all the time. IF I yell, I want them to know it’s important and urgent, and listen up buster get your fanny out of the street this instant. That sort of thing.

So, I’m grateful today that I didn’t lose my cool on Sunday. Not once
And I’m so very grateful that G was there to provide reinforcements when I had to run out of the room.

What’s your gummy bear for today?

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