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>When is enough, enough?

March 17, 2011

>Last week was a rough week. I worked five days, 8 hours each day, as usual.

Both my kids had issues – one with his teacher, the other was sent to the principal. (When you work on the same campus where your kids go to school, you live their failures as well as their triumphs. Front row seat – there is no separation of work and family.)

I had bridal shower invitations to get in the mail, another shower to buy a gift for, prescriptions to pick up at two separate pharmacies in two different cities, I needed to set up for my mother’s group and plan the agenda, Scooby needed his application dropped off for baseball, both kids need to be enrolled for summer camp/summer school and both applications need checks. We are leading a Bible study at our house on Wednesday and we don’t have the lesson planned, we are leading another one in a month on Sunday morning, and we don’t have that planned either. I’m teaching a class at Pepperdine in six weeks and all I have done is a bunch of reasearch. There’s weeds swallowing my patio furniture, the laundry is overflowing the basket, the shower is growing aliens, the boys both need a haircut, there’s a bag of apples in my garage that were supposed to become pies, but have now rotted, I have people coming over tonight and I have to get the cat hair clumps off the carpet…

And oh, by the way, I have no idea what we’re having for dinner.

And there’s this cavity I keep forgetting to deal with.

And and and and and ….

All I see are the things I did NOT do today. What I have yet to accomplish. What’s still on the list.

My friend Amy pointed out…we pack four days into one and we still feel like failures. When is enough, enough?

And how are we supposed to know when it is?

Truly, I’m baffled. How do we find equilibrium – all of the things I’m expected to do are important – there isn’t really anything I can cut out. I realize that this is the new normal.

So tell me, someone, anyone…when is enough ENOUGH? And how are we supposed to know when it is?

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