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>He speaks my language…

March 31, 2011

>Those of you around the left coast will know…it’s been raining cats and dogs and ponies. For two weeks straight (that’s unusual for our desert clime) it’s been raining. Rivers and culverts were flooding.

My yard was DROWNING. Weeds were taking over – but it was too wet to do anything about it. The lawns were both a big, hairy, swampy quagmire.

You can’t mow wet grass.

On Saturday he pulled weeds in the rain. An entire, gi-normous, yard-waste can full of weeds.

I stayed inside and kept warm.

Monday the sun came out again, and the big, hairy, lawns laughed as we came and went. Still too wet to mow, and besides, the yard-waste can was full.

Today was pick-up day, and I just got this email:

To: Adelle
From: Gabe
Subject: I love you

“I’m saying I love you in two differnt languages.”

And this picture was attached.

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