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Five Minute Friday: If You Met Me

April 8, 2011

If you met me…

You would notice, as so many do, that I have no front teeth. They fell out six months ago, and it is annoying to bite everything through the side of your mouth. My mother constantly fusses at the food on my face, but hello?! What else am I supposed to do?

You probably heard me before you saw me. I talk loud. I act loud. I live loud. When I get excited, which is often, I forget about volume control. And I’m always talking. Either I’m imagining myself to be a sword fighter or kung fu ninja, or I’m telling you about arthropods and arachnids and carnivorous plants.

If I’m not talking, I am drawing. Superherods and castles. Ceraclopsian Blackwings. Dragons. Sharks. Or folding – bits of paper into fantastical shapes and leaving them all over the house, forgotten, until my little brother touches one with a pinky and then I am righteous indignation and territorial.

If we talked awhile, you might notice that I have a deep conscience of bigger things – things bigger than most second graders think about. I think about these things, in the rare moments I am quiet and in the dark of my room. I think about grace and forgiveness. I think about God and His eternal presence.

I might argue with you. I speak my mind, usually before thinking of the consequences and I hold tight to truth and logic and my own way. Mom says that this will serve me well one day, but right now I had better stop or I’m going to start losing privileges.

If you met me you’d notice that I don’t follow the crowd or do the same thing the same way twice. If walking across the room is required, I’ll bounce. If brushing my teeth is required, I’ll do it standing on one foot. If getting in and out of the car is required, I’ll do so as if I were climbing a mountain, or leaping from a jungle tree, or stealthily sneaking up on an enemy.

If you met me, I think you’d like me.

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