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>Gratitude Monday

April 10, 2011

>That the weekend that promised to be so insanely busy didn’t turn out so bad, after all.

For the sunshine (if not the air temps).

That Scooby not only made contact with the ball, but managed to do so twice, and scored as well. In only his second game EVER!

For 30 stolen minutes in sunshine with s just-wakened (and therefore, super snuggly) boy, listening to the wind, eating oranges off the tree – paying attention to forgotten details, with a three year old guiding the way. Look, a plane! Look, a rose bud! Look, Mommy, birds! What’s that squirrel doing? Why do the leaves wave like that? What’s that? What’s that? What’s that?

A whole afternoon, just me and the boys. And it was fun! We went to the garden center and they each chose a six-pack of their own to plant.

Scrappy chose red – “impatients”

A Scooby loved the bright yellow marigolds (planted in the honorary Brockman planter).

There was something a little sacred about helping small hands place tiny plants in dirt. Like bestowing a precious family heritage – this is good. This is important. Dirt, and life, and green – a precious communion with the Creator.

And for Mom, who bestowed the same family heritage on to me and my brother, who has shared it with his children as well.

Tacos for dinner, movies on the couch. It was a great day.

And last but certainly not least, dinner for tonight is already in the crock-pot. I Super Mom. Roar!

(Just give me my five-minutes, K? Tomorrow I’ll go back to feeling like a frazzled mess, I promise.)

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