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Five Minute Friday: The Hard Love

April 22, 2011

>It is Holy Week, and vainly have I been trying to instill a bit of this holiness, this knowledge, into my little charges. Something meaningful that they can grasp and hold on to. To get that seed planted upon their heart where it will grow and develop and one day, carry them when life bites back.

The most recent question at hand was “Why do they call it Good Friday?”

Ah yes, that one. Strange, that. What’s good about it? It was a terrible day. He suffered, He was brutalized, He was shamed. The world went dark that day – how can this be called “Good?”

My sweet children – it’s true. Terrible things happened this day. Terrible, but still wonderful. Because on this day, on Good Friday, the curtain was torn in two. No longer do we need to stay back and let someone else advocate on our behalf. The Holy of Holies is yours. It is mine. We can be in the presence of God whenever we want, wherever we want. That, my little sons, is why today, amidst all the horror and suffering – today is Good. It’s the first chapter in a very, happy ending.

I was crying as I said this. You can’t feel so strongly about something without it bubbling over into your voice. They were silent a moment, my captured audience, wearing sneakers and eating French fries in the back seat.

I waited for their reaction. To hear how my words touched their heart.

And then it came:

“Can I watch Dinosaur Train when we get home?”

And that is Hard Love…passionately loving and believing and seed-planting and oh, so rarely ever getting to enjoy the harvest in the now. Someday yes, but rarely in the now.

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