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Gentleman, or Joey? You decide…

May 20, 2011

Last night was the big Elementary Spring Concert. Scoob LOVES to get dressed up. Insisted on a tie, went hunting for his shiny shoes. He demanded to be presented to the rest of the family with lots of pomp and circumstance.

As we were walking into the Open House, I, the good mother, began coaching him on appropriate gentlemanly behavior…no running or jumping. Say please and thank you, shake hands. And see all those girls in their beautiful dresses? Gentlemen give compliments. Girls LOVE compliments. All girls. Remember that – all girls love compliments. Do you know what a compliment is? It’s saying things like “That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing.” or “I really like your shoes.”

He seemed to be absorbing my maternal wisdom.

I waited, holding my breath as we approached a group of 2nd grade girls above us on the landing outside his classroom, in fluffy spring dresses and curled hair.

Scooby looks up at one of them, and says: 

Hey, Jennifer. (he jerks his chin up) Nice dress.

Tribbiani couldn’t have said it cooler.

And a little flashback to another fancy-dressed dude on the front porch, nearly seven years ago, coz he’s just so dern cute.

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