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Worth Repeating: Midnight in Paris

June 13, 2011

I loved this film – a stand-out smart comedy in a sea of slapstick and silly. Perfect for a date night, a girl’s night, or just any excuse whatsoever. A little bit of erudite. A whole lot of charming.

Makes me want to go pull out my college textbooks on La Belle Epoque and read The Great Gatsby all over again. (Ok, I never made it past the first chapter. But I might try again.) Or even give A Farewell to Arms a try…

On a family vacation, Hollywood hack-writer and hopeless romantic, Gil (Owen Wilson) revels in all that is truly Paris. His pragmatic fiancee (Rachel McAdams) and her equally dull parents chide him for his sentimental ideals as he fantasizes about living in France and completing his novel aspirations. Wandering the streets in search of inspiration, he finds himself, at midnight, in Paris of the 1920’s – in his mind, the best era Paris has ever had to offer.

Under the counsel of The Lost Generation greats like Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds, Gertrude Stein and others, Gil experiences a Paris of the past while his fiancee seeks a new future of her own. During midnights in Jazz Age Paris serenaded by Cole Porter and later on, Maxim’s and the Impressionists of La Belle Epoque, Gil finds his voice, discovering what is truly the best era of Paris – the present.


I was dismayed to find a bit of myself in the pedantic antagonist, Paul. If I start to run on like that, puhleeeeeze –  somebody stop me!  

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  1. Christy A. permalink
    June 13, 2011 7:54 pm

    You know Gertrude Stein was a flaming feminist…just sayin’!

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