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A Little Fun…

July 1, 2011

I was recently tasked to write a paragraph describing something in nature. Here was my five-minute effort. We’ll just call this Five Minute Friday…

The air and the light were soft, the sun not yet having broken the top of the ridge. Even still, the smell of the previous day’s heat still radiated from the earth. I sipped a cup of coffee, leaning on the rail looking out over the slope behind the cabin. The coffee was strong, and black and it tasted exactly right in the brief cool of the morning. A doe and her two fawn were quietly pruning the tall grass beyond the wild oaks to the South. Cicadas had already begun to buzz of the coming midday heat and I thought of the lake just down the hill and how it would feel to swim to the center and feel the cold mountain water wash off the dust from the trail. I held on to that mental image as I tossed back the last of my coffee and began tugging on my boots, and tried not to think of how hot and dusty I would be before the day’s end.

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  1. July 1, 2011 11:13 am

    You took me to the cabin, Adelle. In so few words, you brought sights, smells, and sounds alive! You inspired me. Here is my 5-minute attempt to do the same:
    It rained during the night. Having left my window open, just a wee bit for the cool drafts of evening air, I laid awake to hear the cacophony of sounds that soothed almost as sweetly as my Mother’s softest coos. Of course the loudest of sounds was the sound of the hard pouring rain pelting the roof and gushing into the gutters. But, later came the gentler rain that dribbled through the tall pines and cedars and pelted the pine carpeted forest floor below. My dilemma was simple. Those relaxing comforting sounds lulled me to deep slumber robbing me of the sweet pleasure of an unexpected shower in the forest.

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