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Dear Yellow Blankie

July 4, 2011

Here’s an oldie that I found on my old, OLD blog…written just after The Broken Arm Incident. And yes, yellow blankie is still the favorite, if now rather holey as well as faded.

Dear Yellow Blankie,

I know I have shunned you in the past. I’m not a big fan. I thought he had almost outgrown your love.

I’m here to say I am sorry. I was wrong.

You loved him despite my best efforts to keep you apart. You were there for him in his darkest hour. You comforted him during those moments of total horror. It was you he wanted when the needles were brought out.

Thank you for being there for Scooby and going with him into Surgery where I could not go. You are a faithful, if rather faded, friend.



P.S. He informed me this morning that he plans to bequeathe you to his own babies someday. He won’t be having the babies, of course, his wife will. He doesn’t know ho she is going to be, but he does know he’s having two. Their names will be John and Han. Just so you know.

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