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Life in 140 Characters

July 4, 2011

Tried to reach out and steady Scrap in the pool. He shies away and shouts: “Don’t touch me,Mom! I’M EVIL!”

You know you’re a boymom when:
Me:   Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top?

Scooby:   I’ll do it, but only if you say ‘Pretty please with gunpowder and bullets on top.’ ”

Birthday Fail: Enraptured by the gift of a helium-filled mylar balloon, Scrappy, gazing adoringly upward, promptly walked into a pole. Happy birthday black eye, sweetie!

The essence of parenting is this : the unrealized expectation of sleep. And lots of other things. Like a hot meal. I think there’s a future blog post in this one…

Scrappy dropped a toy down a hole for the headrest in Daddy’s car. Devastated, he wants to get it back. G says it might not be possible to get it back. Scrappy’s solution: “Just flip the car over, Daddy! It’ll fall out!”

Happy Fourth of July everybody! 

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