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What’s Not to Love? Something New

September 22, 2011

Try something new.

Get 20% off.

Send it back of you don’t like it.

What’s not to love?

Recently I was given an Amazon gift card, and not having anything immediately come to mind I logged on to see what was what these days.

Clothes are, that’s what. And baby, that’s singing my song. Summer is winding down and the itch to dig has faded. I spent all my summer pocket money on plants and dirt and fertilizer and my wardrobe is suffering. Neglected (ok, not really, but work with me).

Amazon now has a robust line of retailers offering a well-organized array of clothing for men, women and kids. Considering that many of these are brands I’ve never heard of, much less tried on, I went for the safety of sweaters (trying not to think about how it’s 96 degrees outside). I picked two:

Kensie Twist-Front Pull Over Sweater

Kensie Drapey French Terry Jacket

To boot, Amazon is also offering 20% off a one-time purchase if you sign up for their email list. And with free returns offered on both items, I think this is a pretty safe experiment. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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