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Suddenly it Happened

November 23, 2011


I have been very much behind the 8 ball this year.

Just a week ago, Christmas felt eons away. Gabe even suggested pulling down our 14 or 20 boxes of decorations and I had kittens all over the family room carpet. It’s too soon! Too soon! I’m not ready yet!

Just not ready.

We had a great family day today, riding trains, bundled up to our red noses against the cold, and it started to actually feel like winter.

And then a late afternoon nap, cozy warm, the light outside already fading. And it started to actually feel like winter.

And the kids wanted pizza, so out I ran in the dusk to Trader Joe’s. To my surprise, I found a parking place within walking distance, and scurried along as the wind blustered through the palm trees overhead, the sidewalk bright in he glow of a thousand fairy lights wrapping the trees. It was magical, and exquisite, and it started to actually feel like Christmas.

Not one but two of my over-achieving neighbors put their lights up today. The train down the street is already running. Somehow, in the space of just a week, I’ve come round and I’m ready. And my favorite time of year is upon us and I will spend the next four days (or so) reveling in boxes full of mom and memories. I can’t wait. I call this time:An Excuse for Excess, or Joy, in a Box.

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  1. November 25, 2011 6:08 pm

    I know, this month has gone by so fast! It’s beginning to feel like Christmas, but I think it will really sink in once I have some time to sit down and de-stress.

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