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Bedtime Hopscotch

November 28, 2011

Two pairs of flannel jammies.

Two tousled heads, damp and sweet.

Two Christmas books from the pile on the floor…

Snowbabies eating iced sweets and a tree that once dreamed of being the tallest tree in the world finds that, in the end, as always, His plan is more than we could ever imagine.

Let’s sing in the dark! They begged and scrambled for blankies and a spot on the couch. The lights out, we sat in the glow of our family tree, just finished an hour before. It is magic tonight, just as it was on all the nights of Christmases past and all the nights of Christmases future.

“2003” this one reads – a sweet snowman smiles proudly from his perch, marking a new sort of Christmas and the downy head that slumbered at the foot of his tree that year.

A lighthouse. What’s this? A boy holds it to the light and I point to the spot on that very same beacon that marked the day he asked, and the day I accepted.

Jolly ginger fellows, gifts all, and mostly from Patty. One spells out “JOY” and joy they are to me.

Moose fromMaine, angels and stars, crocheted snowflakes, fluffy bears. A fish we bought in Panama, a panther from Nairobi, a teapot that was Karen’s, painted icicles from Quebec.

The family tree is more than just another tree – it is a tree of memories.

And heaven and heaven and nature sing! We warble the last and off to bed.

Two pairs of flannel jammies.

Two tousled heads, damp and sweet.

Two matching beds, two quiet rooms, two kisses goodnight and tiptoe down the hall.

And then the fun begins.

Wood floors tattling secrets as he hops over the railing and onto the rug. A jingle of coins. The rumble of the closet. I step into the hall and my footfall is heard, and a herd of elephants clambers across the room and into the bed.

I go back to my couch and the hopscotch continues. Bed, floor, closet, potty, bed…

It is the same every night. This little ritual, his little dance.

9 o’clock and quiet. Fallen and still, he joins his brother dreaming sweet dreams.

Two pairs of flannel jammies.

Two tousled heads, damp and sweet.

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  1. November 28, 2011 9:28 pm

    Aw, you got you’re tree up! That’s a great night. We’re getting ours next week. Happy caroling!

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